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See what some of our customers had to say:

"Skye was in for her first puppy cut today and the girls did a wonderful job with her. They were so patient with her. Thank you so much. Will definitely recommend and will definitely be back. She was adorable."

-April S


"Arrived very promptly. Very interactive with Ginger. Full service grooming performed. I love the convenience of the mobile service. The professionalism can't be beat! Ginger has never looked better! She was a happy doggie after her grooming. We are customers for life."

-Bethany J


"One of the best cuts yet. although mobile grooming is much more expensive than traditional grooming, it is much quicker and much easier on your dog (no waiting in a crate; no distractions from other dogs). It's also easier on the dog owner as it is can be scheduled for weekends."

-Phyllis F


"They did such a fanastic job on Bailey...I cannot thank them enough....WHAT A WONDERFUL GROOMING BUSINESS and and am so thankful they are here in Jasper."

-Linda H


"Rachael arrived on time. Was professional and groomed our dog as we discussed. Took approximately an hour, and he came out of the van relaxed and looking great."

-Karen E


"Ericka is a consumate professional who not only does a great job grooming my dogs, but also has a great personality. I would highly recommend her to anyone who loves their animals and wants the job done professionally and timely. 

-Joe D


"Rachael is very professional. I was emailed a appt reminder and she arrived on time. A very good dog handler. Obviously loves her job! My yorkie poo was very matted around his long floppy ears so he required extra attention. Ollie looked great in his new haircut and he was so happy when Rachel brought him back into the house. Both Erika and Rachel are excellent groomers. Ollie has loved them for a couple of years! Mobile grooming worked great. Very happy with service!"

-Nancy W


"My dog Tippy loves her groomer and climbed into the van all by herself.  She looked fabulous after her groom. My dog is very cautious about everyone and does not like to ride in a vehicle. The fact that this is a mobile grooming service and our groomer is so connected with our dog makes Tippy calm. Ericka talks to Tippy and loves on her and everything is okay. Tippy is a Golden Retriever mix and has lots of fur. After her groom she is a styling baby! Thank you for a wonderful service!"

-Nancy B


"I had seen the Fetching Styles mobile dog grooming van around town and was interested. It may seem that being retired would leave one plenty of time to get stuff done but it doesn't. I was always meaning to get the dogs in for professional grooming but just didn't. That left me to try to groom them. Our little dog is a MostlyPoodle with a combination of poodle hair on the body and long silky ears and mustaches. The big dog is a border collie/lab mix with LOTS of fur. I was always behind. When I checked on the pricing  it was comparable to what I pay at an ordinary groomer without the hassle of "drop the dogs off before 8:30 and pick them up sometime after 4:00." Besides, our big dog is shy and HATES to go anywhere. Over the 4th of July week my family is coming to visit from out of state so I decided to give Fetching Styles a try. I called for an appointment and FS worked the schedule around to get my two dogs in so that they would be as clean and neat as possible before all the company poured in.  With everything else I had to get done it was wonderfully convenient for Erica to show up at the house. I didn't have to do anything but admire the dogs after they were groomed! FS takes about two hours per pet. Talk about attention to detail! I and my dogs are now officially spoiled. I plan to make Fetching Styles a regular part of our routine."

-Anda O





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