Fran Farias – Business Partner


Wife-Mother-Grandmother-Business Woman-Humanitarian.  Reflecting over the past 50 years, what consistently stands out is working with people.   God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, 3 children (& spouses) and 5 grandsons.  Having the opportunities to work with youth and adults, children and families, men and women has provided a wealth of knowledge and expertise from Vocational Teaching, Commercial/Residential sales, a 31-year State Farm agent career.  I’ve spent a lifetime of volunteerism which includes 26-year Rotarian, serving as club President along with various non-profit and service organizations.  My precious “Roxie & Pebbles” (mom & daughter cockapoos) have been my daily companions since 2013.   With a love of geography and genealogy, we have visited 101 countries, 49 states.   In my spare time, you will find me swimming, singing in chapel choir, supporting our grandsons’ school, sports, music activities as well as a community volunteer.  I have many favorite colors, but if I need to pick one - it’s Yellow.

Tim Fore – Business Partner, Operations


A Texan by birth, Georgia has been home since 1980.   Growing up, I always enjoyed having dogs in my life – it a was like being dog whisperer for neighbors & friends.   My education degree in IT/sales management led me into a variety of career paths which included the carpet industry representative with Home Expo/Depot, was a business owner for ten years specializing with kitchen/bath renovation, recruited to be the business manager & sales in an insurance agency.  Utilizing these various career experiences, as a partner, I oversee the operations with finances and facilities. When not working, I enjoy being outdoors either on the tennis courts, at the lake or on the beach.  Acquiring Fetching Styles provides us an opportunity to provide a quality service for our community and neighbors – as well as to promote, encourage and provide a great environment for our employees, clients, and customers.

Bayly Conway – Business Partner, Retail


A native Floridian, Georgia has been home for almost ten years.  Bayly was raised in a family business and comes from a long linage of bakers.  Her favorite subject is education, but it was music where her career began, working with children and youth and is a certified master baker.   Molly, a lab/pointer is my precious pet.  Since Molly had health issues, I’ve spent years searching and selecting the best products and take a holistic approach working with her veterinarian.  Fetching Styles Spa & Boutique is a perfect Segway for me to use my skills.  My favorite childhood experience was attending 12 years of summer church camp.  I love meeting people and look for ways to help and serve.  It’s a great opportunity to work with our wonderful team along with an opportunity to serve our community.  Its exciting to put these new touches on the retail store, provide a baking line for pets and being a great role model.  Bayly is excited to be part of our new family business as well as developing her “Bayly Bakes” business. 

Kelly LaGrove – Salon Manager


Kelly’s goal is to “Do my best everyday & never stop learning & growing”.   About 30 years ago, a friend introduced her into the Pet industry.  She has worked off & on and enjoys the customer interaction, providing excellent customer service and especially working with dogs.  Three of her favorite things include the color blue, English studies and her Pitbull.  A native of Alabama, Kelly has a younger brother & sister.  Blessed with 4 children (2 in GA and the other 2 in CA), and when not at the Salon, Kelly enjoys cooking, gardening, and yardwork.  Everyone knows this cheerful lady with a kind spirit who works tirelessly with our clients, customers, groomers, and bathers to provide the best outcome for everyone.


Kiera Morales – Groomer


Kiera has loved animals all her life and at the age of 15, Kiera started her own Pet Sitting business.  Her Goal is to constantly refine her grooming skills and to always be current on the grooming trends and styles.  Several years ago, a groomer friend introduced her with an “on the job” workday in the industry.  Kiera knew that to work with her hands, bring a creative design with the grooms, plus a love of animals, she decided this was the career for her.  A native of Long Island, NY, Kiera enjoys math and loves pink.  She has 6 brothers & sisters along with Olive – Black lab mix; Luna- Russian blue mix cat; Thea - Russian tortoise.  When Kiera is not grooming or taking care of her pets, you might find her involved in her Bible education work, hiking, or caring for all her plants.   Kiera always has a bubbly smile and friendly spirit.


Cynthia Hawkins – Groomer


“ I was born to Groom”!   Growing up in her Mom’s Grooming business, Cynthia was exposed to all the many aspects of the pet industry.  Cynthis was the oldest of 4 and became her mom’s best bather at 11 and a groomer at 16.  While in school, her favorite subjects included all the preforming arts which included a choir competition at Carnegie Hall and enjoyed her gifted program for science & literature.  A native of Kentucky (reared in Acworth), Cynthia has 2 cattle dog/schnauzer mix, 2 cats and a rabbit.  On a beautiful day, you might find Cynthia along with her husband & 2 amazing sons hiking to waterfalls.  “Fetching Styles Spa & Boutique” is the perfect fit for me, because of the mutual respect between the staff and a family environment”.

Derrick Nonnemacher - Groomer

Fetching Styles Spa & Boutique welcomes back Derrick!  Aa 27-year veteran in the Pet industry and native Georgian. After living in Colorado and California, Derrick returned to Georgia to be closer to family in Dawson County.    One could easily see that He has a big heart and loves special need Pets…..2 dogs and 3 cats (Wyatt is a 3-legged Husky, Adelaide is a deaf Australian cattle dog, Merida & Faith are bottle baby kittens and Fernando is a 3 legged cat).  Science was his favorite subject and spent 18 years in veterinary medicine, 5 years rooming-boarding-daycare then as manager.  This is where He discovered the challenge of dog handling and working one to one with pets was a perfect fit.  Derrick loves the color red and when asked why did I return to Fetching Styles?  “ I enjoyed working with Kelly, it’s the high standards of the salon features and set up with a great business workflow.”  



Adrienna Nease - Groomer

An Atlanta native, Adrienna along with her 2 brothers & 2 sisters moved to the Woodstock area where she graduated from Woodstock HS.   I enjoyed music and my favorite class was guitar and favorite color is blue.  Paisley is my daughter and my world.    Right now we don’t have pets but I enjoy taking her on walks and exposing her to lots of pups and petting.  In 2015, Adrienna was hired by PetSmart.  That job changed my life with a new career opportunity.  Not only did I start with the basic, but soon was selected to attend the training academy to become a certified professional groomer.  I learned many things about the pet industry and training others.   Since then I’ve worked at a couple of salons but choosing to come work with the Fetching Styles Spa & Boutique, I think it is the best team I’ve ever worked with.


Alexis Swofford – Senior Bather/Trainer


A Georgian native and graduate of Pickens County schools.  While in high school, Alexis enjoyed agriculture and science.  While in the vocational-work program, she worked in the pet industry and later was a veterinarian assistant for 5 years.  Alexis has 3 pets – Dog named Clank, Cat called Cass and a Boa named Ruby.   Fetching Styles is a great fit for me – I wanted to continue working with but at a different stress level where everyone is caring & supportive - we are a team that works well together.  You will find Alexis doing many jobs at the salon such as training new team members, bathing, and prepping dogs for their grooms, working at the front desk.  On her days off, Alexis enjoys crafts, reading and long drives in the woods… and her favorite color is green. 


Anna Grace Orr – Senior Bather/Trainer


Fate came our way at the Atlanta Pet Conference when FS owners Fran & Bayly meet Anna Grace and her sister.  Anna Grace joined her sister, a Groomer in Atlanta, about 5 years ago.  She has completed several classes and has the CPR certification and also does Pet sitting for clients and friends.   A native of Forsyth County, Anna Grace enjoyed history while attending NFHS and now enjoys hanging out with friends and doing schoolwork.  She enjoys working with dogs everyday but at home, her pets include a cat and a sheep.  Anna Grace is great a multi-tasking.  She works part-time with her sister in Atlanta and part-time at Fetching Styles where she loves working in a high-end salon.   Purple and neon-green are her favorite colors and loves the new purple FS team shirt.

Megan Roberts – Bather


A native Georgian, Meg’s favorite subject was science.  With a love of dogs, she finds working in the Pet industry to be a very rewarding job.   Meg loves colors – Blue, Gray and neon Green.  Her Pitbull is named Stella and her lab is Max.  Her free time includes bowling and enjoys spending time with her grandmother, whom she admires.   We are glad to have Meg “working and caring” for our dogs – She has been with Fetching Styles over one year. 

Des Plummer – Bather


With 5 cats and 1 dog, it’s easy to look for opportunities to spend your whole day with them.  Des first started volunteering & working at the animal shelters, then one day a friend referred her to Fetching Styles.  Learning all the proper phases of bathing and drying a dog is important to provide the groomer with a dog ready to “become beautiful”.   Des’s favorite subject was Art, enjoys playing video games and Des’s favorite color is Teal.