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Bentley Before

Bentley After

Our step by step grooming process 

This video was created to give you an idea of what we do for a full grooming package. Featuring Bandit the Tibetan Terrier mix, he gets groomed every 5 weeks! 

Grooming and Bathing Add-Ons
A no call/no show 50% cancellation fee of groom
will be applied within a 24 hour period.





Deshedding Treatment - Starting at $20 + bath price

  • Includes everything in bath package, but the pet will be bathed with a deshedding shampoo, then we apply a deshedding treatment that has to soak for 5 min, once rinsed we completely blow dry the dog to help remove loose undercoat, then they are brushed with a dehsedding tool to remove as much shedding undercoat as possible, pads shaved and sanitary trim upon request, plus pet cologne, and a bow or bandana

Dematting - Starting at $20 + bath price

  • Dematted treatment will begin with no discomfort to the dog.  If the dog is too matted or unable to be dematted comfortably, we will need to do a shave down as a result of accessive matting

Flea and Tick Bath - Starting at $13 + bath price

  • All natural flea and tick shampoo used during the bath plus an oatmeal aloe shampoo to relieve dryness or itchiness. Flea and tick removal during bath, it is      recommended to apply a preventative in 48 hours of parasite removal to prevent reinfestation. This will be done for any dog that has an infestation at owner’s      expense


Hand Scissoring - $15 per 30 minutes


Nails Only (trimmed and filed) - $25


Puppy Trim - $45 (bath price included)

  • For puppies under 6 months of age. An introduction to the grooming process includes everything in bath package plus the mini groom

Purdy Paws - (nail caps for dogs)- $30 - $35

Teeth Brush and Breath Spray - $7


Touch up - $35

  • Includes nails trimmed and filed, ears plucked and cleaned, plus a mini groom. Please note this does not include a bath and for in between grooms


Spa Package - $40

  • Includes nails, ears, pads, natural feet, teeth, and bandana



Nail trim - starting at $2.

Purdy Paws - (nail caps for cats)- $30 - $35

Price List by Breed 

***All price are based on AKC breed standards and are subject to change depending

on size, coat condition, and temperament.***

Unsure of what your dogs breed standards are? Go check out the AKC website for a list of breeds.

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